Chapter 7: So Much to do, So Little Cartilage

Foot looking good about 4 weeks after surgery

I won’t be running a marathon anytime soon. In fact, running at all isn’t an option right now. I am able to walk around the house without the carbon fiber foot blade in my shoe. I wear it in my shoe if I’m going out and I always make sure I won’t be walking too far when I’m out. It still hurts like hell if I use the joint too much. However, I can feel progress every day. I even forget about my foot a few times a day, which is a really good sign. For the most part I have to concentrate on my gate to make sure I don’t walk on the outside of my foot. Once your pace is off your whole musculoskeletal system compensates, which results in problems in other joints. I know my toe joint will never be 100% normal, but at least things are going in the right direction.

I have had 3 sessions with my personal trainer. I’m learning a lot of low impact exercises for all body parts. We are working on my shoulders now that the tendonitis is about 90% gone, and of course core, gluts, legs, hips, and grip. He is starting me very slow and easy, which is good, because if it were up to me I’d go way too fast.

I got my unicycle a couple of days ago! I’m so excited! I chose a purple one, which makes me really happy because purple is my favorite color. I’m looking for a relatively private place that has a flat surface with a chain link fence (e.g. tennis court) so I can practice. Everyone looks like a total spaz in the beginning. Plus, I wear a helmet and wrist, elbow, and knee guards. I feel like a total dork being all decked out and unable to even complete one revolution without hanging on with both hands and wobbling all over. This is going to be a very big challenge!

I’m going to a flying trapeze class on Friday. I’m a bit nervous, mostly because of my grip. I’m worried the OA in my fingers and thumbs will weaken my grip. Also, my sports doctor said flying trapeze could accelerate the OA in my hands. If that’s the case, I won’t be able to fly anymore. But perhaps I’m getting a bit apocalyptic. We’ll see how it goes, and I’ll proceed with my plan to include more cross-training in my exercise routine.

I plan to go rock climbing with some friends soon. I will go to a crag (climbing wall) with an easy approach (hike to the crag) and just hang out and be a belay bitch (hold the safety lines for everyone). I know I won’t be able to advance much with sport climbing because the more difficult climbs have tiny hand holds (e.g “monos,” or one finger holds) and tiny foot holds that put a lot of pressure on the big toe joint. So I plan to try “trad” (traditional) climbing because the climbs can be easier with bigger hand and foot holds. You place your own safety gear in trad climbing, so you basically don’t plan on falling. In sport climbing there are bolts already secured in the rock so you can attempt more difficult climbs and “climb until you fall”. I can also “top rope” easier trad and sport climbs (top roping is when someone else places the rope at the top of the climb and you attach the rope to your harness).  Again, we’ll see how it goes. For now, I’ll enjoy the company of my climbing friends at the crags and start learning about trad gear.

And of course I’ll keep working with my personal trainer and doing yoga, massage, and if I can find any thermal baths in this area I’ll check them out. The problem is the only thing close to thermal baths around here involves being naked. I don’t want to be naked in hot water with strangers. Ick. Call me uptight but I just don’t want to do that.


2 responses to “Chapter 7: So Much to do, So Little Cartilage”

  1. Rick Claussen says :

    I like the photo of the naked unicyclist.

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